Friday, June 25, 2004

For 2 weeks now, I've been reading websites on Bangkok.
That is normal for me before I embark on a trip.
I read up on everything.
And I mean everything.
Maps. The tourist spots. The malls.
Where to buy particular items.
The restaurants. The transport system.
The stations on the BTS line.
Even if I can't pronounce most of them.
I've got them memorized.
The famous landmarks situated near our hotel.
The cuisine. The red light district.
The weather. The currency. The taxi stations.
The adaptors needed for our electronic gadgets.
The charger for our cellphones and the digicam.
I get so engrossed in the little details.
I start to stress out.
The last time I was this 'informed'- year 2000.
When I visited Jordan for a week.
I read up so much on that country.
I could recite their national anthem in my sleep.
But that went extremely well.
This time though I'm traveling with my family.
Although my parents are seasoned travelers, I still worry.
About the stifling humidity level in Bangkok.
The chaotic surroundings of an Asian city.
The fact that Thai citizens don't speak English.
All things considered, I know they will have a great time.
I like things to run as smooth as Thai Silk.
Surely we can manage.
I guess once I reach Singapore I will be more at ease.
We know that city like the back of our hands.
It would be a breeze.
I wonder if I would have the time to blog from there.
Silly me even worries about that! :)

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