Monday, June 21, 2004

Just another Manic Monday
I heard this song by the Bangles on the radio.
While showering. It brought back fond memories.
Our plan - treat dad at Kamay Kainan, Greenhills.
For father's day lunch.
After the 10AM mass at St Francis, we headed to San Juan.
We whisked by the Edsa flyover from Boni over La Salle and Wilson Street.
But ran smack into bumper to bumper traffic at the entrance to Greenhills.
Long queue at the full parking made the traffic situation worse.
After waiting for nearly 10 minutes we realized we would starve to death if we persisted.
We started rattling off other restaurants we could go to.
Dencio's, KSP Grill, Padi's Point.
Quick detour.
5 minutes later we were at a table for four.
At Barrio Fiesta along Edsa.
Crispy Pata. Kare Kare with Bagooong.
Fried Hito. Bouillabaise.
Pinakbet. 4 Plain Rice.
Yummy. Sumptious Food.
Followed by diet pills for me.
Cholesterol meds for the parents.
But it was still early.
We needed our coffee.
Again thinking of good cafe spots nearby.
Figaro, Starbucks, Gloria Jean, Dome.
20 minutes later.
We were at the Fort Area.
UCC Cafe.
1 cafe au lait.
1 cappuccino.
1 Orea Smoothie
1 Strawberry Shake.
1 Blueberry Cheesecake.
Main topic of conversation - Food.
Specifically all the restaurants we would eat at.
In Singapore.
Pepper crabs, Oyster omelette - Cuppage.
Korean BBQ - Seoul Garden.
Kway teoy - Cuppage.
Chinese cuisine - Crystal Jade.
Congee - Carlton Hotel.
Sushi - Hoshigaoka.
Baby Backs - Tony Roma's.
Diet is on starting today.
Peppermint tea.
Nestle yogurt.
Fruits & Vegetables.
Minimize my rice intake.
Eat only when I am hungry.
No more chocolates, sweets & cakes.
I want to travel light.
Luggage wise.
And body wise.
So I can fill up every available space.

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