Saturday, June 19, 2004

I have this habit of losing track of time.
I forget to eat meals regularly.
I forget to call at a specified time.
So I forgot the scheduled power off from 1:30 am - 4:30 am. June 19.
I had just posted an entry in my blog.
I was composing one about my very colorful lovelife. I didn't save it. Now I rather not post it at all. I might. But I've lost my train of thought.
1:30 AM poooft. No power. No internet. No phone. No cable. In the dark. Humid. Sweating.
With nothing to do.
Next best thing! Send SMS. Yes I did. Globally.
Canada, India, Kuwait, USA, Dubai.
Everywhere but Philippines.
Never mind that my right hand is now aching.
Never mind that I finished a P500 load in 3 hours.
Never mind that my cellphone kept hanging.
It kept me entertained.
The ironic part is I have no qualms spending P500 phone credits. But I'm too cheap to buy dad a decent father's day gift.
All I got the most special guy in my life is a mug and a keychain with "World's Greatest Dad" on it.
I wanted to buy him yet another Lacoste T-shirt or even a Lacoste jacket so he can use it for the trip. But it's way past my budget.
My budget of P500!!!
I justify my 'cheapness' by telling myself that the trip next month is being paid for in its entirety by ME and my sister. That's our gift to our parents.
A 5 day Oriental sojourn.
I know the bonding moment would be priceless.

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