Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Tuesday is Chooseday
Would you rather:
1. be constipated for a week at a time and only poop on Fridays OR have to go pee every hour on the hour?
Pee every hour on the hour
2. never forget a face OR never forget a name?
Never forget a face because I'm good with names
3. when you orgasm, uncontrollably sing "wake me up before you go go" by wham OR "i'm too sexy" by right said fred?
I would be too breathless to sing *wink* but I guess I could sing "wake me up before you go go! Woohoo WHAM!
4. stub your toe every day for a week OR get a zit on your nose?
Stub my toe OUCHIE

The Tuesday Iffers
Money Changes Everything...
If you received lottery tickets as a gift at the office party, and you won $30,000.00, would you share the winnings with the person that gave you the gift?
The PC thing to do is share but I would just treat that person to a lunch or dinner. LOL

Ten On Tuesday
Ten Athletes that You Admire
1. Andre Agassi
2. Fabian Barthez
3. Diego Maradona
4. Pele
5. Luis Figo
6. Zidane
7. Alessandro del Piero
8. Steffi Graf
9. Sebastian Coe
10. Goran Ivanisevic

TV Tuesday
Week 16 - Commercials
Companies pay billions and billions of dollars each year to drop commercials into our favorite programs in hopes of influencing our shopping habits, getting us to buy things, and toot their own horns. As long as people still have money to spend they'll keep giving us ideas on how to spend it. So this week let's take a closer look at the entity we call commercials.

1. Commercials: Annoying disruption or Interesting Advertisement?
Annoying disruption

2. Is there a commercial that instantly has you reaching for the remote to mute it?
I automatically hit the mute button when commercials come on

3. Jingles are one of the most useful tools in commercials, what's your favorite (or least favorite if you prefer)?
My mind is blank right now

~Bonus~ Has a commercial actually ever influenced something you've done or bought?
Yes. I would order take out dinner after watching food commercials on TV. Even if the TV is in mute. I can still see the ads. They always make me hungry and I guess it helps that the remote and the cordless phone are lying beside each other. LOL

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