Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Traveling tips
The trick to having a really relaxing vacation is to be well organized.
Making lists of everything you will need to bring is the first step.

I have 5 lists.
1. Meds list - always bring more than the actual number of days you will be away.
  • vitamins
  • zyrtec for my allergies
  • better sleep
  • biogesic
  • ponstan
  • imodium

  • 2. Clothes list - list down every single item that you will pack in your suitcase.
    Start from your head down to your toes.

    3. Documents list - have 4 copies of all your documents as well as the documents of those traveling with you. I put one in my suitcase. Another one in my handbag. 3rd one I leave at home. 4th is extra if needed in such instances as hotel requiring a copy etc
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Ticket
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Airport Transfer confirmation
  • Credit cards

  • 4. Toiletries list
    This list is very essential. These items would determine how shabby you look during your entire vacation. Items include
  • shampoo & conditioner - I bring sachets they are disposable and wont be heavy
  • solution for my contact lenses
  • Razor [disposable]
  • Soap I usually bring my own since those small hotel soaps melt like butter
  • Travel toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Perfume preferably travel size
  • Q tips [loads of them]
  • travel hair dryer - I always ask if there is a hair dryer in the room if not I bring my own
  • Moisturizer

  • 5. Miscellaneous List
  • ballpen
  • camera
  • notebook
  • map
  • glasses + sunglasses
  • small bottle of mineral water
  • a book if you have time to read
  • charger for the phone + digital camera
  • Ziplock plastic bags - a whole pack to put in the wet stuff such as razors, the soap etc
  • foldable bags which you will eventually need once your luggage is too heavy and which you can use as hand carried bags - I have about 4 of them
  • Keys to the luggage

  • Now if you will excuse me I need to check and recheck my lists and start packing for my trip. Or else I won't be able to sleep tonight since everything is on my bed right now. I like to pack early so that the day before the actual trip I'm relaxed. There is nothing I hate more than to be hassled and stressed out on the way to the airport. Always thinking if I forgot something. It beats the fun out of traveling.

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