Sunday, August 15, 2004

100 Things about ME
1. I was born on a Saturday.
2. I'm a Libra born in the year of the Monkey.
3. I have a very unique foreign sounding surname.
4. But I am 100% Filipino.
5. My names are always mispronounced.
6. It vexes me when that happens.
7. I've lived in 5 countries.
8. I've visited 25 countries all for pleasure.
9. I've never been to the USA.
10. Nor do I have a burning desire to go there.
11. I grew up without any maids.
12. I have naturally wavy hair.
13. No way I'm getting it straightened.
14. I am ninang (godmother) to 7 kids.
15. But I'm not maternal at all.
16. I have made a lot of acquaintances.
17. But can count on one hand, my closest friends.
18. I don't like pets.
19. I'm not sure if I'm allergic to dust.
20. But when I itch, I take Zyrtec.
21. My favorite fruit is a banana.
22. I don't eat ampalaya and papaya.
23. I have a BSC degree major in Business Administration.
24. Accounting was my Ist choice, but I failed the entrance exam.
25. I took a short term course in ticketing.
26. Because I wanted to work in a travel agency.
27. The school burned down, I never got my diploma so I lost interest.
28. I'm petite and don't look my age.
29. I have very tiny feet.
30. I have a difficult time finding shoes that fit me.
31. I never had a manicure.
32. I can speak English, French & Tagalog.
33. I love winter.
34. I have very active sweat glands so I hate summers.
35. I love to watch movies.
36. All kinds except horror & sci-fi.
37. I wrote the blurbs of all the films I saw in my filofax.
38. I lost my filofax, now I just rely on IMDb.
39. My favorite film is City of Angels.
40. I adore Johnny Depp & Edward Burns.
41. I collect magnets of all the places I visited.
42. I was attacked on my way to work in Singapore.
43. I didn't tell my parents the truth about it.
44. That I was almost raped.
45. Same traumatic incident in Dubai but I called my best friend instead of my parents.
46. I am an eyeliner and lipstick kinda gal.
47. I only have 2 pairs of jeans.
48. I prefer gold jewelry instead of silver.
49. My black pearl earrings is my favorite accessory.
50. Opal is my birthstone.
51. I fully paid for the place I live in now.
52. It is a loft on the 12th floor with a lovely view.
53. I assembled all the DIY furniture in this house.
54. I love shopping for household items at Ikea.
55. I don't drive but I named all our cars.
56. Tercie, Ceecee & Cutie.
57. I was a huge fan of the group Westlife.
58. "Flying without Wings" is my favorite song.
59. I've had numerous relationships.
60. Only one was with a Filipino.
61. I have huge commitment issues.
62. Beards or goatee on a guy turns me on.
63. But moustaches alone don't.
64. I always wear my sunglasses.
65. To protect my contact lenses from particles.
66. I never go out without a bag.
67. I don't like being massaged.
68. I love lavender scented candles.
69. I sing in the shower.
70. Because all my bathrooms have radios.
71. I first went online in 1996.
72. I used to chat endlessly.
73. Longest was 3 days straight with no sleep.
74. Now I don't chat at all.
75. I have a sweet tooth.
76. I love chocolate ice cream.
77. And chocomint flavor.
78. I'm a diet coke addict.
79. My booze of choice is gin & tonic.
80. I'm a beer drinker as well.
81. Now I drink water like a fish.
82. I went to Catholic schools all my life.
83. Now I don't go to church regularly.
84. I am an insomniac.
85. But I like to sleep.
86. I'm partial to the color BLUE.
87. I used to play tennis until I fainted from dehydration.
88. I'm a couch potato.
89. I love watching the Amazing Race & Survivor.
90. I'm a loyal fan of NYPD Blue & CSI.
91. I like long flights.
92. I always want a window seat on the plane.
93. Paris is my favorite city.
94. I also like long scenic train rides.
95. I always book a city tour on the first day.
96. I read the Time Magazine from cover to cover.
97. I watch CNN all the time.
98. I'm a huge fan of soccer.
99. I know that true love & soul mates exist.
100. But I don't believe in marriage.

On this rather gloomy rainy Sunday afternoon, I decided to post this.
I came up with more than a 100 so I had to edit it. LOL

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