Monday, August 23, 2004

Bad mood attack
I have a friend who only SMS me whenever she needs money.
No hi, how are you?
Just straight to the point.
She even specifies the amount.
Her excuses:
She used up her budget and needs to buy school supplies for her kids.
Or she needs to buy medicines for her youngest child.
I don't know how on earth she thinks I'm rich.
I don't even have a regular paying job for God's sake.
Yet she thinks I can produce money like magic.
Well I don't indulge her anymore.
But this morning, she was pretty insistent.
8 missed calls on my cellphone hounded me incessantly.

Then she gets angry and texted me:
Ganyan ka naman palagi, sasabihin wala kang pera pero nababakasyon ka sa Dubai, Bangkok at Singapore.
That's how you always are! You tell me you dont have money but you travel to Dubai, Bangkok and Singapore.

Well excuse me!
Sure I can afford to go on trips.
I can go on shopping sprees.
I don't have tuition fees to pay.
I don't have children to feed.
This is my lifestyle.
I chose it and it's my money!
It's not my fault, she has 4 kids!
It's not my responsibility to assure her kids have school supplies or medicines.
Who told her to have kids when she clearly can't afford to provide for them???
How dare she lecture me on how I spend my money!!!
It ruined my mood the entire day.
It got my blood boiling.
I was totally pissed off!

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