Sunday, August 01, 2004

What a difference a year makes!
Time does fly!
A year ago today I just came back from Dubai.
For a short vacation.
A week reunited with my partners in crime.
Pleasant conversations over drinks.
Hanged out at my previous haunts.
Frolicked in the sun and sand.
In the arms of a great guy.
Not minding the heat and the killer humidity.
But now, no emails from my friends there.
I'm thankful I'm not in the midst of an Arabian summer.
I still believe he is a great guy.
But we are no longer together.
And I'm single yet again.
Life is about making decisions and choices.
I keep telling myself it is for the best.
I know I made the right decision.
I would only be kidding myself if I say I don't miss him.
I do miss him and it hurts.

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