Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Amazing Race 5
I was glued to Studio 23 this morning to catch the Philippine leg of the Amazing Race.
What can I say?
It wasn't bad. But it wasn't good either.
I'm just glad that nothing untoward happened to the teams while they were here.
It was also a clever idea to make them race outside Manila itself.
In the provinces where there is less traffic and no crowds.
But don't ask me where Malaguena Motors or Victoria is.
According to the website, Malaguena Motors is in Cavite.
So Victoria must be somewhere in that vicinity.
And did you know it was the capital of the duck industry in the Philippines?
Well I didn't!
Ok so I'm a stranger in my own country. LOL
It was ingenious to make them assemble a jeep and then ride one.
But the plowing of the field was messy.
What can we expect?
We are after all an agricultural nation.
Coconut Palace being the pit stop added a nice touch to the episode.
And Luli Arroyo as the official 'welcoming party' is ok by me.
I like her having a low profile despite being the daughter of President GMA.
I have no idea who I expected to see standing beside Phil.
But isn't it ironic?
Chip & Kim use the Yield to slow down Colin & Christie.
But luckily they are not eliminated?
They should have been eliminated!
They have won all the trips for placing first for numerous times.
Oh well.
This makes the race more intense and I'm sure it will be worth watching the final leg to the finish line. They are going to Palawan next week so that would make me proud of being a Filipino.
Our beaches are the best feature of our country. Nothing beats that!

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