Friday, September 10, 2004

Geographically Incompatible
Back in the days when I used to chat endlessly, I met all sorts of people through Mirc.
Some of them I've met for real.
Some have become friends.
Some were just one chat encounters.
Some are mere nicks on my contact lists.
But a few made really good impressions.
Since I hardly chat nowadays.
I've always wondered what happened to those rare few.
Guys with whom I connected with on all levels.
Physically, spiritually and mentally in tune.
For a few weeks now I've been having dreams of someone I considered my best chat buddy, back then.
It came to a point where I had to use my sister's laptop just so I could connect to Mirc and search for his nick.
But no suck luck.
I couldn't find him online.
Not at the usual channels, I had no idea where to find him.
I never added him to any of my IMs since he didn't use any.
A few nights ago, I was downloading these mp3s:
  • "Amazing" by George Michael
  • "Crazy" by Javier
  • "Angels brought me here" by Guy Sebastian (the Australian Idol)

  • I received a message from a nick I wasn't familiar with.
    The usual A.S.L ensues.
    Voila it was him!
    Freaking marvelous.
    He's a great guy but we are geographically incompatible.
    He lives in Paris while I'm here in jolly old Manila.
    So we had/have a platonic relationship.
    But I'm so glad I found him again.
    Now if only I still had Mirc on my PC.
    Or if he had Yahoo Messenger on his PC.
    Things would be much easier.
    I doubt I will re-install Mirc again.
    I don't want to get dragged into that pattern again.
    The chatting.24.hours.break.only.for.meals rut.
    Hmmm what a dilemma!

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