Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Generation Gap
A Y!M chat I had with my sister who was in Cebu

Me: How's Cebu?
Sis: Hot & humid
Me: How's whatshisname?
[I was referring to the guy she was working with.]
Sis: Oh the kid?
[We refer to people under 30 as kids :D]
Me: How young is he?
Sis: Only 20.
Me: Oh geez
Sis: Yeah the typical kid with the arrogance of youth
Sis: And demented illusions of his own grandeur.
Me: Ack! Poor you
Me: Babysitting a kid.
Sis: He does makes some sense though
Sis: When he doesn't talk about himself.
Me: Oh ok so he's redeemable.
Sis: Yes thank God, just think about it.
Sis: In a decade's time, these kids would be running the country.
Me: "shudders" at that thought! Dios mio!

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