Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Happy birthday to me!
Aujourd'hui, I'm 36!
Trente six is one of my vital stats.
Unfortunately not my bustline.
I pray my waistline won't reach 36!
Yup it's la taille of my hips.
So I got 1 out of 3! Hurray!

I will be off for a couple of days.
I'll be here to celebrate the advent of my spinsterhood. LOL

I'll leave you with this quip from Johnny Depp:
"Nowadays, it's all a question of surgery isn't it?
But I think it's great fun growing old."

Well said ... Johnny baby!!

Maraming salamat to all those who greeted me already.
The rest can wish me courtesy of Haloscan. :P
Hasta la bye bye!

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