Friday, October 22, 2004

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So here I am 36 years of age.
I think I'm still in denial.
I still write 35 by mistake.
Like when I play the lottery.
Yes I do bet.
I just might hit the jackpot one day.
And win millions of pesos.
Ah to dream the impossible dream.
I usually play the following numbers.
The biggest I've won were 4 numbers.
A measly P600 but I was so happy that day, I splurged on VCDs.
Who knows?
36 just might be my lucky number!


I was really surprised when I got gifts for my birthday.
All the while I thought that the trip would be my only present, this year.
I got VCDs of movies:

  • I love ["Love Actually" - Hugh Grant is hilarious!]
  • I like ["Troy" - Eric Bana in a short skirt gave me wet dreams for 3 days!]
  • I always wanted to see but ran out of time/or was too broke to see it. ["Kill Bill"]
  • a DVD of "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" courtesy of my best friend Pinky who sent it all the way from the US. She knows I adore Johnny Depp.

  • Today, I watched "Ladder 49" at Rockwell. Not bad but not good either, it was just Ok. Therefore, I didn't break my tradition of watching a movie on the occasion of my birthday!

    I also bought "Ash Wednesday" for only P199 at Tower Records. It stars Edward Burns. I love the guy and have seen most of his independent movies. They mostly focus on being an Irish Catholic guy in New York City.
    This whole week has been a really great film festival showcase of my favorite actors.


    It's weird because when I was basking in the sun at Caylabne.
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    I came up with quite a few topics to blog about when I came back.
    Contemplating on them now, it seems quite tedious to compose my thoughts coherently to come up with posts that would keep the readers interested.
    Not that I blog for the sake of other people.
    I write so I can think out loud some matters which cloud my mind.
    Maybe, too much sunlight fried my brain. Either that or I got writer's block.
    I hope this is just temporary!
    In the mean time, click here if you want to see more of my pictures.

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