Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Avant le coucher du soleil
Paris - my favorite city in the world.
2 characters reunited.
Another chance encounter.
Witty exchange of ideas, opinions.
Great dialogue.
Sparks flying all over.

I finally watched it yesterday. Absolutely loved it.
I'm definitely buying the DVD!

I won't go into the nitty gritty details since everyone has already dissected the movie into bits and pieces.
How I felt while watching is another matter.
I'm an emotional wreck nowadays.
I had to take some steps to address it.
How? What? Isn't really the point.
Suffice to say, it had to be done.
I'm dealing with it.
It might not be the correct way to do it.
But for now, I believe it's my only option.
I just pray I make it without any battle scars.
But hey it (the scars) has made me who I am!
I've got my full battle gear so I'm ready!
OK ... bring them on!
Alright enough with my self pity crap.
Grumbling stomach beckons!
I need my calories, fatty amino acids and bad cholesterol! I'm outta here.

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