Monday, December 27, 2004

Hello good morning happy day
Hello good morning happy day
the sun shine is peering through my window.
Hello ... Hello ... Happy Day!

Yes bright and cheerful morning to one and all.
Surprise surprise I'm up early today!

Mornings like these I get sentimental and over emote.

But first I uttered a silent prayer for all those people misplaced in Real Quezon after the devastating typhoons.
The people who perished in that earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia.
The people who were caught in those towering tsunami waves in Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.
I hope before the year ends, we will be spared from the wrath of Mother Nature.

Then I was grateful:
that Christmas went by without any incident.
that I had food to feast on.
that I had wine to drink.
that I have shelter.
that I had good friends greet me.
that I received e-cards.
that I got SMS from people I haven't heard from in ages.
that I have Mirc.
that we do not really get what we want but life is still good.

Just so grateful.

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