Thursday, December 16, 2004

"I'm not on steroids"
That was a fairly amusing exchange between Hayden and Bolo in this week's episode of the Amazing Race.
I don't like Hayden but I find Bolo quite interesting.
I mentioned in a previous post that I'm rooting for them.

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But now I've lost my respect for her.
She is such a spoiled brat and a bigot.
I believe that bigotry stems from the fact that some people are just plain ignorant about other cultures. But still it doesn't mean you can just go around making racist remarks such as "It smells like the sewers here", "third world ghetto" or that "Africans are so poor yet they breed and breed" or something to that effect. I can't remember really because I was wincing and squirming everytime Kendra opened her mouth to speak.
Berlin was a lovely place to race through. I always remember Germans as being quite friendly people and they do help you out when you ask them for directions. Also the fact that most of them do speak English helps a lot. The Detour was interesting to say the least. Beer or Brats. Roaming around a brauhaus chugging beers to the local folks seemed like fun. On the other hand, making those bratwurts at that meat factory got my mind roaming with perverted thoughts. But this is a decent blog so I won't mention what I was really thinking about! *Grins*
Of course an episode of Amazing Race won't be complete without Jonathon lashing at his wife. True enough, he lived up to his reputation as a jerk! Gosh someone please strangle that guy already. Sadly, Don & Mary Jean got eliminated this week. At least they got to travel and they seem to genuinely enjoy the race and were not too obsessed about winning. Oh and yes the Brandenburg gate is a great monument as depicted on the show. Only thing is when I was in Berlin (March 2001) it was undergoing massive restoration so I wasn't able to get up close and personal. Good thing it was featured prominently as this week's pit stop.

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