Saturday, January 08, 2005

Well I had a rather hectic first week of 2005!
  • I took down the decors and cleaned the condo off of glitters spread all over the staircase.

  • I entertained N who was in town. He is the colleague of a friend of mine in Dubai. Nice to connect with someone who brought back fond memories of my stay there. Oh hearing someone speak with a Mideastern accent again made my heart flutter.

  • I activated my Amex card. Temptation staring at me in the face so I had to hide it somewhere in my wallet where I don't see it

  • I paid my Mastercard bill which was badly bruised during the past holidays. Big ouch

  • I downloaded these songs:
    Patricia Kass - Chanson D'amour
    Patricia Kass - Les Feuilles Morte
    Francoise Hardy - La Mer
    Lara Fabian & Andrea Bocelli - Je vie pour elle
    Lara Fabian - Adagio
    Francoise Hardy - Si tu crois un jour que tu m'aimes
    "If you believe one day that you love me
    Do not believe that your memories obstruct me
    And run, run until you lose your breath
    Come to find me
    If you believe one day that you love me
    Do not wait a day not a week
    Because you do not know where life will lead you
    Come to find me"

  • My mood was pretty jovial and upbeat despite the fact that my freaking monthly visitor is late this month and I'm breaking out all over my face due to the impurities.

  • So I went to pamper myself. I had a skin whitening facial which was rather painful but now my skin is glowingly shiny. The massage which accompanied the facial was very soothing, I tried not to drool all over the floor. LOL

  • Since I was already being tortured I said ok what the heck let me try the bikini wax. Ok now if you heard a shrilling scream around 3pm on Friday afternoon that was ME! GEEEZ that was a different kind of pain. I don't know what came over me to go for it. I'm sure I'm not going to the beach anytime soon especially now with tsunami warnings. And I would rather die than wear a swimsuit. What on earth was I thinking? I'm cringing because I can still hear the "whapak" sound. Goshhh!

  • I went to First Friday Mass. Yes incroyable mais vrai.

  • Lesson learned this week:
    Stay away from lusty married men. They are a menace to society and spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e with a capital T!

  • So I'm looking forward to a rather peaceful weekend. Time to relax, give my liver a rest. Recover from a freaking hangover I've had since Tuesday. Happy Weekend!

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