Saturday, January 29, 2005

I forget myself!
Yes Girlie, I had another pamper me day at the spa yesterday. I indulged in a body salt glow.
I say indulge because I don't like being touched and massaged. I have certain sensitive spots on my back when poked can result in a violent reaction from me. LOL
So anyways there I was being scrubbed with this grainy salt like substance which was very fragrant. The vigorous rubbing exfoliate your dead skin cells. This is good for the circulation. From my neck down to my toes in a room dimly lit with aromatherapy candles.
To distract my mind from the fact that I was naked (wearing only a disposable panty) and being brushed with a loofah (a situation that made me really uncomfortable because I'm very conscious of my not so perfect body) I kept humming this Blondie song in my head. Hey don't ask me why and whom I was thinking of! But it worked! ;)
Then I'm wrapped up in a cellophane and covered with a towel for 30 minutes. I could feel the salt start to melt and moisturize my skin. I drifted into a semi dreamlike state having really pleasant thoughts of being in a special place.
It was so relaxing and soothing I didn't want to go home. My skin is now so tingly soft I feel like melted butter. I ate a tuna sandwich for dinner and fell asleep by 9:30 pm. Imagine that!

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