Saturday, February 19, 2005

Links galore
Some funny ads from around the world. Here's one from Ikea. This one from an insurance company. And lastly (for now) an ad for an airline. They are rather big files so please wait for them to load. I uploaded them from my hard drive to a website, I hope it works.

Now if you are tired of staring at your I.don' picture, click here for some stunning images - which can serve as wallpapers for your desktop.

Notice those little icons near the comments people leave on your blog? They are called gravatars! It's simple you just sign up, get your picture rated and voila! It's a cute concept.

Ever wondered if you look your age? Or when people see your picture how old they think you are? Well this site reveals the answers. You post a picture and people with too much time on their hands (ehem just like ME), guess how old they think you are. Well know what? Most of them think I'm only 25 years old! LOL

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