Monday, April 18, 2005

Client for Mr Jun
In order to snap out of my lethargic state, I had my hair trimmed, today. I swear this conversation happens all the time, no matter if I'm a regular client at their salon.

attendant: is that naturally curly or did you have it permed?
Me: nope 100% natural.
attendant: why don't you have it rebonded?
Me: Ah no thanks, I prefer it curly/wavy.
attendant: How about having it relaxed?
Me: Nah, it's ok.
attendant: It doesn't cost much, it's much cheaper than a rebond.
Me: Yes, I know but I don't like too much chemicals on my hair. Besides tomorrow when I take a shower, it's back to being curly.
Attendant: I guess you are used to it by now.
Me: Oh yes, absolutely!

So don't bother convincing me to have my hair straightened, I'm too stubborn (matigas ang ulo) and nothing can change my mind.

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