Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday's Feast
Appetizer - Describe your week in one word.

Soup - Tell about a funny practical joke that you've played on someone (or that was played on you!).
I was a very mischievous kid. I once left my younger sister (who was about 6 yrs old then) in the middle of the park. But I was watching over her the whole time hiding behind the tree. When she panicked and started to cry I couldn't bear it so I came back to get her. Me, being the ate (the eldest) my parents scolded me and told me to be more responsible.

Salad - Name someone you had a crush on when you were a kid.
I was the only Asian in my class and I had this huge crush on this blond haired, blue eyed classmate of mine named John.

Main Course - If you were a member of royalty, what would your title be?
Daphne Laura, Her Royal Cuteness

Dessert - What colors are the clothes you are wearing today?
I went to first Friday Mass today to pray for the health of the Santo Papa, The Pope. Then I watched Vin Diesel make a fool of himself in "The Pacifier" but hey I love him. I wore jeans, an orange t-shirt with my orange bag.

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