Saturday, April 30, 2005

Movies review for this month
The Pacifier - Highly impossible scenario, the kids are bratty as always, cannot credit any of the characters for their acting so why did I bother to watch it? 2 words ... Vin Diesel. Physically attractive and nice deep voice.

The Forgotten - Alien abductions and memory erasing experiment conducted by the NSA which failed because Julianne Moore refused to forget that she had a son. A "Sixth Sense" rip off but it doesn't come anywhere close to making a single strand of hair on my body to stand up. Except for a few scenes where some of the characters are swept away off into the air, but those were expected.

Closer - this film deals with only 4 characters whose lives are entwined with each other. The fact that sex was a vital part of the movie yet you don't see them naked was refreshing. Basically it came down to how much you really trust your partner and if by lying or not saying the truth (there is a difference) you can salvage a relationship. Certainly, a very adult oriented movie which portrays infidelity, betrayal and love in a twisted kind of way. Natalie Portman was good, Julia Roberts was believable, Clive Owen came across as too gruffy to be a dermatologist and Jude Law's eyes can pierce through your core and you would believe whatever he tells you.

Le Divorce - a movie set in Paris so naturally I tuned in to watch it on Star movies. Kate Hudson's sister portrayed by Naomi Watts is dealing with her husband's infidelity. You have Americans living in Paris, the French in laws, some French dialogue, subplots (art, mistress angle, the divorce of course) and an assortment of quirky characters all bunched in together. Just another excuse for Hollywood to 'romanticize' la vie en Paris.

The Birthday Girl - Nicole Kidman is essentially a good actress and she can portray various roles to the T. Here she is a Russian mail order bride bought by Ben Chaplin to be his wife. She arrives in England, fulfills her wifey duties and in turn uses the poor chap to rob the bank where he works. It turns out that is her modus operandi and has done it to several unsuspecting guys all over Europe. Good acting from both the lead actors but my only complaint is that there were no English subtitles whenever she spoke in Russian.

The Wedding Date - definitely a chick flick. A single woman hires a male escort to be her boyfriend during the wedding of her half sister in London. Interesting that they (the whole wedding entourage) never caught on the ploy. Set in the English country side it was quite pleasant viewing. With a small hiccup towards the ending which nicely sorted itself out and voila another 'girl gets her man' ending. Plus you get to see Dermot Mulroney in all his (well almost) naked glory so ahem I'm a satisfied customer.

Finding Neverland - I guess you all know by now, Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. Based on the true story of J.M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, it was a delightfully enchanting film. It brings out your inner child, your imagination runs wild and you start believing in fantasy. I was most impressed by the child actor who portrayed the role of Peter. His delivery was impeccable and his face was very expressive. But much as I love Johnny Depp I would have to say this early on that I would definitely give "Charlie and the Chocolate Factor" a miss. Too freaky for me.

The Interpreter - a scenario with a lot of loopholes but you have Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn to pull it through. It was the first film given permission to shoot inside the U.N. General Assembly hall. Alright so it was a bit dragging in the beginning and a bit predictable towards the end but hey it was good enough to convince me that being an interpreter is such an interesting job to have. But it does raise a lot of questions like aren't interpreters supposed to be neutral? If security at the U.N. is very strict how come it was that easy to infiltrate it? How does a guy who just lost his wife 23 days ago do his duties without falling apart? Alright I guess I'm being too critical, it wasn't that bad but neither was it good either.

Sahara - Not nearly as enjoyable as "National Treasure" but it was ok. Matthew McConaughey's little joyride to find a ghost ship, together with his comic side kick and add in a female love interest. Not really believable to see a W.H.O doctor roaming around plague infested areas with a lot of kohl eyeliner make-up though. Midway through the movie, things got a bit sidetracked (tribal wars, solar energy plant, tracing source of plague) and you lose sight of the fact that it was supposed to be a treasure hunt expedition.

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