Saturday, May 28, 2005

I freaked out when I discovered a single strand of white hair on the left side of my thick maned head.
I panicked.
I screamed.
I shrieked.
I cried.

Then I accepted it.

What to do?

I went shopping in Greenhills!

I bought my mother her birthday gift. 2 chokers.
1 turquoise blue with asymmetrical design.
The other - a three layered salmon color made from corals.
I bought myself a light pink blouse for my pink slide ins.
I bought a denim skirt.
I bought a backpack for our out of town trips.
Then feasted on Singapore food again at Lolo Mao.

Later I'm going to watch a play at the RCBC Auditorium.

So fine I'm slowly going gray.
But what the heck?
Sooner or later we all get there.
I just wished it was way later, though.
But no worries. Bring it on! I'm ready!

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