Thursday, July 07, 2005

What a difference a week makes!
Last week (June 30) at around 2:45 pm, my sister and I checked into Room 735 at the Westin Plaza. The view from our balcony - the imposing Film Center of the Philippines.

That's the Film center of the Philippines, view from Westin Plaza

To our right - far ahead is the soon to open (Dec. 2005) Mall of Asia to be operated by the owners of the SM chain of malls.

Mall of Asia as viewed from Room 735, Westin Plaza Manila

To our left - the World Trade Center, exhibition halls.

World Trade Center

I then took a refreshing bath in the bathtub - with warm, tepid water gently caressing my body for about 1 hour, lying supine while reading a book. We went down to explore the facilities at around 5pm. Most of the hotel premises is undergoing renovation. But the outdoor area where the swimming pool, the mini golf range and 2 of their restaurants are located is accessible.

Outdoor Restaurant near Poolside, Westin Manila

Pool Side of Westin Manila

Then at 6pm - it was time to go to the Sports Club & Spa located at the basement area. We booked for an aromatherapy massage. It basically restores the sense of well being by diffusing the aromatic scent of therapeutic oils derived from flowers, herbs and spices. So for 90 minutes, I was transported to a world of utter calm (except for the Thai inspired music) while the masseuse kneaded, rubbed, pressed her palms on pressure points on my entire body. Now I have to admit, I don't like massages for the main reason that I am not comfortable having my body 'roughed up'. Instead of relaxing, my back gets all knotted up. So she told me to stop resisting. After a few tense minutes, I succumbed and simply melted away. I most especially like the part where she worked on my feet and massaged my toes. As well as the head and scalp massage. I almost fell asleep there on the bed if it weren't for the music and the fact that I was totally naked.

Anyways it was almost 8pm when we finished - we both felt like a noodle barely able to trod back to our rooms. So we decided to order room service and pig out. We feasted on cream of peas with mint soup, seafood kare kare, pita bread lamb burger with French fries, peppered sirloin steak with veggies & potato wedges & 1 plain rice.

Room Service Rm # 735

Completely full, our bodies still glistening with oil and extremely relaxed, we plopped into bed and watched TV. Shortly there after fell asleep - it was only 10:30 pm.

Room 735, Westin Manila

Room 735, Westin Plaza

The next day (July 1, Friday)
I woke up early refreshed from a really good sleep despite the fact that the hotel pillows were too soft. I took my bath - taking full advantage of the hot water and the bathtub. Carefully washing the oil off my hair and my body, soaking in the warmth and steaming up the bathroom. Then it was time for breakfast at the Cafe Plaza. Full buffet spread consisting of the usual Continental breakfast fare. We had a heavy and hearty breakfast to last us till check out time - 12 noon.

Room 735, Westin Plaza

One last photo opportunity. =)

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