Monday, August 08, 2005

Book Meme c/o Toni
Number of books on the shelves:
Over 100 scattered in shelves in my room, my sister's room, the hallway while the rest are at my parents' house.

Those that I own/ bought:
Too many to count!

5 last books that I bought:
1. The Exile - Allan Folsom
2. The Body Artist - Don Delillo
3. Veronika Decides to Die - Paul Coelho
4. The DaVinci Code - Dan Brown
5. Angels & Demons -Dan Brown

Book/s I'm reading now:
I can't make up my mind which one to delve into.
My choices are either this, this one or this book.

Last 5 books read:
1. The Exile - Allan Folsom
2. Have a Nice Day - Dennis Bloodworth
3. The Global Soul - Pico Iyer
4. The Runner - Christopher Reich
5. The Brotherhood of the Rose - David Morrell

Books I'll cherish:
1. The Global Soul - Pico Iyer's amusing anecdote of people who continually search for a place to call 'Home'.
2. Home Leave - Libby Purves who coined the term 'Diplobrat'.
3. Almost Heaven - Marianne Wiggins Hauntingly beautiful love story.
4. A Cup of Comfort for Women - Short inspirational stories.
5. Webster Dictionary - When I was reading "Have a Nice Day", it was peppered with words which drew a complete blank. It came in handy to have a dixtio right there on my bed's panel. Instead of getting out of bed to access this site, online which believe me I did a lot in the distant past. Then totally get engrossed online and forget about the book! =)

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