Friday, August 19, 2005

Can I just say?
That if you are not really into foreign films then for the love of God please don't watch one.


Yesterday, I was in an empty cinema watching one of the films featured in the Belgian film festival.
Suddenly, someone's cellphone rings and the jerk proceeds to talk at the top of his voice. He narrates to the caller:
"I'm watching a boring film with subtitles. I think it is going to end soon because nothing is happening. It is about this woman whose husband is cheating on her with her sister. She is a martyr for being such a fool."
I swear that is what he said on his cellphone.


If you have nothing better to do with your time, please don't ruin my movie viewing experience. Please don't watch a foreign film. Just to prove to your friends that you are "cultured".

Frankly, you are a rude, uncultured, unrefined human being.

Ok I've said my piece.
I'm off to watch another film with subtitles.
I hope NOBODY ruins it for me, today.

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