Monday, August 15, 2005

Being one of the most indecisive persons on this earth, I have a difficult time coming up with items to give as gifts.
This month I had to find suitable gifts for my father and the son of a good friend.
So far the gift basket for my dad consists of:
1. A DVD of this film.
2. A VCD of the original version of this movie.
3. A Philips shaver.
4. A cute "I LOVE YOU DAD" plaque
5. A jokes booklet "What you didn't know about retirement"
I'm still planning to add more into the basket

Next - a gift for a 1 year old boy.
Toys? What if he harms himself with them?
Coloring Book? His short attention span would lose interest.
Clothes? I don't know his size.
Books? I don't think he can read yet.
A little pillow? What color?
Baby towels? How many?
It was getting late, my feet were killing me and my head was starting to ache so I settled for a mere card. Now I have to decide how much to enclose inside the card.
P200? P500? or P1,000?

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