Friday, August 26, 2005

The week that was
Monday - Dad's 69th birthday
We all had sumptuous Chinese food at Shanghai Bistro in Greenwood City, Libis. We feasted on boneless lemon chicken, beef with broccoli, salt & pepper fried beancurd, assorted seafood soup, shark's fin with shredded chicken soup, Singapore style noodles and jellyfish with century egg. Coffee with dessert was at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf also in Libis.
Then it was over to Edsa Shangri-la Plaza to watch the 5pm show of "Must Love Dogs" To cap the evening, we had Italian fare at Trattoria Gourmet. Their fettucine with shrimps & scallops is to die for.
So yummilicious!!!

Tuesday - Obnoxious Jerk Day
I met a friend for lunch so we could update each other on our lives since it has been ages. To my surprise, she brought along a guy she wanted to set me up with. The guy was polite at making small talk. But after my friend returned to her office, things got ugly. He turned into this moralising, ultra righteous, obnoxious jerk. Tearing to pieces every moral fiber of my being, making rude remarks about my lifestyle. He maligned me being single at my age, for not wanting to be a mother, that I would never be a complete woman. It wasn't pleasant at all. I tried to reason out. I tried to defend myself. It was futile. I was only stressing myself out. You would think that your friends of all people would know what kind of guys you are attracted to. But NO! They insist they know what's best for me. Total exasperation!
In order to calm myself down, I watched another film with subtitles on the last day of the Belgian film festival. So the day wasn't completely ruined for me. Thank God!

Wednesday - Rockstar: INXS Day
With only 7 contestants left, the heat is on. Jordis totally murdered Aerosmith's "Dream On". Mig's original composition "Do or Die" sounded like a Bon Jovi song. Deanna's rendition of her own composition was soulful. Marty with his manic, screaming version of "I, Alone" was freaky. JD's "Cold as Ice" was a bit flat. Ty (with back up vocals from Suzie, Jordis & Deanna) dancing to "Proud Mary" totally rocked. But my favorite was Suzie's version of "Start me up" by the Rolling Stones. I notice she is getting better each week.
The bottom 3 episode was very emotional since all of them are good in their own right. I was sad to see Deanna go, I loved her husky deep voice. It should have been Jordis.

Thursday - Shopping Spree Day
It wasn't about me, ok? I was just tagging along with my sister who really needed to shop for corporate wear. She currently got a big project which entails her to shuttle between Davao and Manila. We proceeded to Glorieta, going through all the shops like a whirlwind. Next stop, SM Makati. Last opportunity, Landmark because it was getting late. By the end of the day, I ended up buying 2 blouses. My sister bought 3 pairs of shoes. It's funny really, I wasn't going to buy anything. I only wanted to watch more foreign films at Greenbelt. She, on the other hand, already has a lot of shoes we are running out of space for them. But it sure felt good to burn money like there was no tomorrow. Therapeutic. Pure stress reliever!

Friday - All quiet on the homefront Day
My sister left for Davao this morning. Thus I'm all alone here. I will TRY to get some semblance of order to this chaotic place. Then TRY finally to get some work done today and over the weekend. "TRY" being the imperative word here.
Oh check this out - the Chicken Little trailers. Ain't it the cutest thing ever? =)

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