Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A different kind of tag with images
After answering, google image search the following:
- Get the most interesting picture.
- To save your friends’ pages from mega loading, just get the tag of the thumbnail.
- Right-Click the picture, then get the url of the thumbnail (properties)
- [img src=”url”] then replace the brackets html brackets.
- If you want to see some of the pics in actual size, just get the url from the thumbnail properties.

I copied this from Toni's blog.
I'm a sucker for memes so here’s mine:
1. The age you will be on your next birthday: 37 (Goodness gracious Me!)

2. The Place you live: Mandaluyong City

3. Your favorite color: Blue

4. The place you want to get married: Tagaytay City
(I don't believe in marriage but what the heck?)

5. Your first love: A carrot top Belgian of Irish descent with freckles and blue eyes named John

6. Your favorite fruit: Banana

7. Your favorite animal: Dolphins

8. The last name of your favorite actor: Depp

9. The name of a pet: Daffy Doo

10. Your favorite song right now: Someday by Nickleback

11. A bad habit of yours: Laziness

12. Your middle name: Laura

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