Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ten on Tuesday
10 Weird Facts About You

1) I put mayonnaise on my hair for 20 minutes every month.
2) I take out the pickles from fast food burgers. I don't eat them.
3) I read the last page of the Time Magazine first.
4) At the cinemas, I only eat popcorn when the trailers are shown. I believe that the popping sound in my ears would prevent me from hearing the dialogue of the movie, clearly.
5) If ever I hear Mass, I don't receive Holy Communion.
6) I cannot stand a ruffled book cover so I put something heavy on it when I'm done reading it for the night.
7) I need total darkness for me to fall asleep. If not I just lie awake on my bed till it is time to get up.
8) I sometimes have really impure thoughts. I won't elaborate!
9) My favorite boy band is/was Westlife but I don't know the names of the band members.
10) I always think that when someone doesn't email/IM/SMS/write me back within 3 days is due to just two reasons.
a. They are in a hospital.
b.They died.
It's weird really but I adhere to that thought process. In this age of advanced technology, prompt communication is essential. So sparing just 3 minutes to merely say "Hi, I got your message, will reply soon" is enough to assuage me. But then I freaking realize I am not very high on their priority list. So tough luck, but that's another issue.

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