Sunday, September 04, 2005

Wake me up when September ends
Not that I would be slacking off and sleeping. On the contrary, I'm up to my eyeballs with work. My assignments as well as helping with my sister's work load.
Transcribing those audio tapes can be quite irritating. I have to figure out what is being said in the interviews amidst the background noise of cellphones, coffee cups clicking and other various sounds. It feels like it is droning into my brain cells - it is exhausting me physically as well as mentally.

This inner emotional turmoil is eating me up too. It has been almost a year since I 'confessed' my feelings to him. We both share the same sentiments on a wide variety of subjects like relationships, books, films even the way we interact with society. But neither is willing to bridge the distance. We are just too set in our ways. So I gave up, I figured it wasn't worth stressing over. I just coast along bringing myself to get over my feelings. It was tough, in fact it is still a struggle each day. I guess it doesn't help that I exchange emails with him every single day. Or that we vent out our frustrations about life on IRC. But I won't have it any other way. For truly, if I cut him off my life, I would be miserable.
I just tell myself repeatedly:
"You know you sincerely love someone when you want them to be happy ... Even if their happiness means you're not part of it"

But before I go, I decided to change my template yet again. Wala lang! =)

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