Wednesday, October 05, 2005

In two weeks time
I will be adding another year to my age.
On the 19th to be exact.
Thanks to all who've wished me in advance.
I appreciate it. =)
Age for me is just a number.
For the past 4 years, I've noticed that I feel calmer once October begins.
No more freaking out about getting older.
This year I am just keeping a low profile.
No out of town trips. No party.
Not really expecting anything at all.
But it doesn't mean I won't be happy.
In fact, I've always been a 'birthday' girl.
I love waking up on the 19th of October, every year.
With a big smile, the sun shining amidst blue skies. Ready to commence a new year.
Hopeful promises, desires and wishes.

On another note, someone I met just recently celebrates his natal day, today.
Even though deep in my heart, I feel it is fated that we finally meet. I just have a strange feeling about it. But I rather not expound on it too much.
Happy Birthday M =)

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