Saturday, November 12, 2005

When the cat is away, the mouse gets to play
My sister is coming back from Davao, tonight.
She's been away since Wednesday so you can just imagine the total disarray my abode is in. Empty beer bottles, dishes in the sink, unmade beds, scattered pizza boxes, a film of dust particles all over.

Ok, I just incriminated myself as a total slob.

I've spent hours online.
Doing *some* work.
Reading my favorite blogs.
Blog surfing for credits on Blog Explosion.
Uploading my pictures on my travelogue.
Downloading mp3s.
Other nefarious activities the internet has to offer.
Surviving on 2 hours of sleep.

I figured I might as well take advantage.
It is rare I get to be online without my sister screaming at me to log off because she is expecting an important fax.

But I do miss my sister.
The house I am not the same without her, here.
I turn into a beer guzzling, sleep deprived perverted sloth.


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