Tuesday, December 20, 2005

4 malls and a new cellphone
So with 5 days to go before Christmas, I was stricken with a guilty conscience. My sister berated me for being such a cheapstake. She told me I should stop being a scrooge and go buy gifts for our parents. She claims she did her Christmas shopping while she was in Davao so in order for me not to lose face I should haul my butt to the mall(s) and get them something ... Anything!
At first, of course I resisted with remarks like:
"Are you crazy?, I don't like crowds" "Traffic is horrendous this time of the year."
"I'm broke!"

But it was useless.
She insisted she would drive me to the malls.
And threatened me with "Unless you want to walk home, I will only pick you up when you've bought the gifts!"

So first stop was The Podium to withdraw money from the bank because unlike 83% of the population who have regular jobs and are entitled to a 13th month pay and hefty bonuses this time of the year, me I dip into my fledging savings.

Then I walked to Robinson's Galleria scoured every wing in that mall. Trying not to faint from hunger while roaming its ultra chaotic crowded environs.

I decided I might have better options at Megamall instead so I hopped into a FX and 20 minutes later was in the midst of yet another crowded environment.
I tried to do my shopping as fast as I could.
Gift for my father ... Done!
Gift for my mother ... Done!

I already knew what to get for my sister but that meant walking over to Edsa Shangri-la so fine I might as well just to get it over with. Gift for my sister ... Check!

Since I was on a roll, I bought myself a new cellphone, finally. Nothing fancy and it doesn't even have a camera but at least it won't hang and freeze whenever I make a call.
And in my excitement and shopping euphoria I decided to have it giftwrapped as well so I will open it on Christmas eve.

Teehee! =)

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