Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm all alone, my sister is in Davao for the ASEAN TOURISM FORUM. Nothing blog worthy to post so I decided to just take pictures using my cellphone camera to amuse myself.

WOOLITEThis is WOOLITE, the little lamb magnet/stuff toy that clings around the leather pouch of my new cellphone. Cute no?

brown teeThis is my new brown tee which I bought in Tiendesitas. That is all I wear nowadays ... jeans and t-shirts.

Red TWhile this red number is a t-shirt I re-discovered in my pile of woolen clothes. They are all still stashed in boxes over at my parents' place. We went there last weekend to sort out woolen items my sister can wear when she travels to Tokyo, Japan next month for a week. It made me really nostalgic because the last time I wore thick woolen clothes was way back in March 2001. My sister and I traveled extensively through out Europe. Armed with nothing but a Samsonite luggage (Ok so 3 not just one), our passports and a Eurail pass. Ah the good old days! =)

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