Monday, January 30, 2006

It is defined as extreme weariness from prolonged exertion or stress.

I'm exhausted!!!

Ever since my sister returned from Davao, the place is in a state of total disarray - scattered press releases, documents yet to be filed, dishes stacked up, dust forming a thin film on furniture, newspapers unread, high pile of laundry.

But, there is no rest for the weary soul.

I have to transcribe 345 tapes for her; run all over town doing errands; hunt the malls for a decent pair of boots, gloves and hats for her trip to Japan (Feb 1-5) - which made me realize there is a dearth of stores selling winter clothes in this country; do my work during the wee hours of the morning when I have access to my computer/monitor; research the internet for website after website and more websites providing tons of information about Japan; print them all out for her perusal - hoping she will be able to absorb everything I've been feeding her multitasking frame of mind and also try to explain to her how to get around Tokyo through its complicated myriad of train lines which ER has patiently and diligently emailed me in complete details.

Tokyo can be really overwhelming and since your sis may not have much time, I'm attaching a map of West Shinjuku (the three big kanji on the map), with arrows to point out the two biggest shops for buying electronics and gadgets. That way, she can just swoop through and shop quickly. To get to there from Ebisu, she takes the main Yamanote line train up to Shinjuku (four stops), then exit to the West. The exit will feed onto a below-ground level zone with a zillion people going in all different directions, then a taxi zone, and she should take the stairs up to the west exit about 50m before passing the taxi area. The station is huge and confusing (there are six separate shopping malls inside the complex), but getting out to the West exit is the only hard part.

Shinjuku map

So yes I'm dead tired.


Thank God for the Internet.

But most of all I'm deeply grateful to a dear friend who has helped me tremendously with my sister's trip. He didn't mind me flooding his inbox with my incessant emails. It is just unfortunate he will be on a business trip during my sister's visit there.

Oh well.

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