Friday, February 03, 2006

Phased out
The thing with being a former diplobrat is we had to change residence like every 4 to 5 years.
So every time we settled in a new place, I would get attached to certain products and use them all the time.
In Singapore, my main kikay kit consisted of a CoverGirl creamy beige powder/foundation compact.
It was perfect for my skin tone.

1995 - we moved to Dubai.
Lo and behold - all of the department stores did NOT sell Cover Girl products. It was very frustrating, I had to switch brands but never found one suitable for my skin tone so I just quit using them.
I went au naturel and just use lipstick and eyeliner.

My love for perfumes was enhanced in Dubai.
I had all kinds of scents.
Some of them I bought, myself.
The others were given as gifts by my suitors.
This phenomenon (I call it so because believe me I did receive numerous bottles of different perfumes) made me wonder.
Did they think I didn't smell good or did they just grab the first perfume bottle from the counter and hoped that I would grow to love the scent?
Till this day, I haven't quite figured it out, yet.

My latest favorite scent is Elizabeth Arden's Splendor.
It was given to me for Valentine's Day 2000.
The last one of the 3 bottles I bought during my last trip to Dubai (July 2003) is running out.
So yesterday I ventured into Rustan's to check out how much it costs in this country.
Guess what?
Much to my dismay, the lady at the Elizabeth Arden counter told me it has been phased out in the Philippines since last year.
WHAT???!!! *insert cuss word here*
So I sent a text to my sister and asked begged her to find COVERGIRL and SPLENDOR in Tokyo, Japan for me.


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