Friday, March 03, 2006

Vendredi, Friday, Biernes
Today is couch potato day as well.
Survivor: Exile Island's at 2 P.M. (Studio 23)
American Idol results at 6 P.M. (Star World)
NYPD Blue at 10 P.M. (Star World)

My sister is off to another fam trip.
Just a short one, this weekend.
This time to Boracay.
I could have gone with her.
I'm not a beach bum.
More of the beached whale variety.

Lent is upon us.
I am giving up (sacrificing) something.
Don't ask, what.
I'm not a regular church goer.
But I do strictly observe the 'meatless' Fridays tradition.
Time to get 'fishy'.

I did feel the slight earthquake, the other day.
I was cooking dinner.
My CD rack beside the TV started swaying.
Times like this I don't appreciate living on the 12th floor.
I called my parents they didn't feel it at all.


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