Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Boracay: Day 3 (April 5, 2006)
I woke up at 7:30 A.M. with a hangover. I was also sneezing like crazy. My cold was back, my throat was sore and I lost my voice (probably from drinking all those cold milkshakes and blue margaritas).
So it was decided to just take it easy and not go for a swim. My sister and I had lunch at a Japanese restaurant, Kaeseke located at D'Mall. We ate Miso Soup, Tempura, Tonkatsu, California Maki and plain rice.


Next, we ventured towards that long stretch of coastline along the Station 1 area, walking at a steady pace with the white sand tickling our feet, the sun blazing down on our head, perspiring, melting like ice cream.

sand castle, Apr 5, 2006

We explored the numerous beach resorts and bars (Cocomangas, Club Paraw, Jony's) peppered on that side of the island.

Station 1, Boracay

We went as far as Willy's Rock before plopping down for refreshing Melon Milk Shakes at Jonah's. Yes, I know I had a sore throat but what the heck? I figured I only go to Boracay once in a lifetime I might as well drink all the milkshakes I could consume, right?

Me, heavily bronzed from the sun near Willy's Rock

It was time to head back towards D'Mall area. We decided to stride further down towards Station 3 for some shopping. We made it all the way to the new Talipapa area. Our stash included several sun dresses, bracelets and anklets. It was almost sunset by then. Of course my day won't be complete unless I took a picture of the fabulous sight. Isn't that a breathtaking view?

Orange fiery sunset

If you've ever been to Boracay you would know that walking from Willy's Rock all the way to the new Talipapa area in Station 3 is a very long sandy stretch. I was severely dehydrated, terribly tired and suffering from a sunstroke. A quick dinner at Hey Jude! Bar and Bistro ensued. I munched on Margherita Pizza, a Hungarian Sausage Sandwich, Salad and Mushroom Puree soup with Diet Coke. Obviously I was famished!
By 8:30 P.M. we were back at our room at Hey Jude! Resort.

Room 103, Hey Jude! Resort Hotel

I could hardly move from exhaustion so I jumped on my bed to watch "American Idol", "CSI" and "Grey's Anatomy". I fell asleep and dreamt of Patrick Dempsey! =)

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