Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Boracay: Day 5 (April 7, 2006)
Yes, I know I've gloated enough about my trip to Boracay last week but I swear this would be my last post about it. After all it is already Holy Week and I, despite being a 'heretic' still do solemnly observe this religious holiday with fervor.

Our last day on the island was a meatless Friday. So our breakfast at Prince Hendrik restaurant in Boracay Regency consisted only of eggs, coffee and bread. So even if I was vacationing I still adhere strictly to the no.eating.of.meat.during.Lenten.Fridays.

After breakfast, we went to the beach for a swim, just splashing in the crystal blue waters, soaking in the zenith of the sun, savoring the gorgeous scenery.

Boat docked at white sand beach Boracay

Boracay Regency beach lounges

Clouds over White Beach, Boracay

Boracay Island

Much to my chagrin it was already 11 A.M so we rushed to our room, took a quick shower, packed our bags then checked out from Boracay Regency promptly at noon but we left our bags in the storage area of the hotel.
My sister and I made the rounds of several establishments before finally deciding to have lunch at a seafood restaurant known as Sea Lover's Restaurant. We feasted on grilled fish, squid, prawns with plain rice.

2:30 P.M. we took a tricycle to take us to Cagban port/jetty where according to a new rule all passengers leaving Boracay must now take a short trigger boat ride towards Caticlan instead of boarding from the 3 stations situated on the beach itself.

Cagban, main port point of disembarkation on Boracay island

4:45 P.M. we were aboard the Seair plane taking us back to the hustle and bustle of city life after 5 days of sun, sand and seafood.

Seair propeller jet

I may not be a beach bum but I've been to several beach resorts in my traveling lifetime. Bali, Indonesia; The Maldives and Jumeirah Beach, Dubai UAE.
I am proud to say that Boracay now ranks the highest among all the beaches I've been to. I love the fact that the water is so calm, there is hardly a ripple or a wave to make you jerk up with shock. The white fine sand won't stick all over your skin when you get out of the water. I also like that it is a family friendly environment. It also caters to all classes of society. Station 1 will appeal to the elite/upper class with their world class resorts. Station 2 caters to the middle class while Station 3 offers affordable accommodations for the masa crowd.

My only lament is it takes a lot of effort to reach Boracay itself. You take a small plane from Manila to Caticlan, then a tricycle from the tiny airport to get to the Jetty/Port where you hop on a trigger boat for about 30 minutes before you set your eyes on Boracay.
We need more infrastructure development in our countryside to make our tourist destinations more accessible. To attract more tourists. But then again, I guess, some people like the thrill of going through all the rough patches and hassles in the journey before you reach your destination.
I know I tend to compare too much and sometimes I am too critical about the shortcomings of our local resorts to provide good service and basic amenities. But I do believe we have the ability to make our tourist destinations much more attractive and at par with those found in Thailand. A country that strives on drawing millions of tourists every year. Well, I'm just thinking out loud. Because despite all of my 'complaints', I admit I'm now a Boracay aficionado!

Have a meaningful and solemn Holy Week, everyone!

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