Friday, June 02, 2006

Pamper Me Friday
I felt it was time I got out of my little work station for some pampering aka my alone time.
I made my way to SM Megamall.
First stop, the beauty salon for hot oil treatment and a trim.
Next, I dropped by the chapel to murmur a little prayer.
Lunch was a piping hot Shark's Fin ramen and California Maki with iced tea. After paying some bills, I figured I still had time to sneak in a movie.
So I entered cinema 5 to watch a film that makes a big deal about a guy in his 30s who still lives with his parents. Heh obviously it is a Western culture thingie, try that scenario here and people would just shrug and go "So what?" While I was watching, my sister texts me to say it is raining heavily and was wondering where the heck I was. I told her I was watching Matthew McConaughey and I would be home shortly. Shortly was an understatement since I had to wait for hours for a taxi and worse I didn't have an umbrella with me.
But believe it or not, I still had a smile on my face.


Well simply because my hair smelled of apple mint conditioner and my naturally wavy (buhaghag) hair is straight, not a single curl on my thick head, for now. Yay! =)

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