Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Another hotel suite experience
My stay at the Hotel Philippine Plaza last Sunday (July 9) was pretty uneventful.

I took a long warm bath.

I took pictures
A view of the swimming pool from the balcony of my 6th floor room.

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant with the Manila Bay skyline in the background.

The calm sunset over Manila Bay.

Then it was time to get dressed for dinner at
dinner time The restaurant located at the lower level of the hotel's lobby. It is the mother of all buffets. It was a gastronomic feast of cuisine from all over (Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Filipino and Continental food).
Oh gosh, the dessert spread was a purely divine experience. Pannacotas, cakes, ice cream, pastries and fruits all enticing my sweet tooth.
I actually ate till I was ready to burst, really! I might as well, right? The price I paid for the buffet dinner is equivalent to a pair of designer shoes. I don't have Imeldific tendencies, so I splurge on food. As usual, I don't take pictures of the amount of food I stuff myself with. If I did you will see what a glutton I really am. Suffice to say, I had to suck my breath in to prevent the skirt I was wearing from exploding at the seams.
And I wonder why I have this non existent waistline. Go figure.

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