Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Of bedtime stories, shoes and 4 looong hours at a mall
Yesterday, I had several errands to do - go to the bank, pay bills (why does this task never seem to end?) and get the invites I won (see post below) somewhere in the Makati area. By the time I was done, I figured I might as well head over to Glorieta. I could have gone home first after all it was only 4 PM. But if I did, I won't go out again. I'm the type of person who once I'm out of the house, I prefer to squeeze in everything I need to accomplish for that day. I guess I need to work on being spontaneous. Try to be the person who runs out for some errand, returns home then later in the evening, s/he would venture out again for perhaps, the last showing of a movie. But I'm not like that so just deal with it.

There I was at the mall with 4 hours to kill before my sister (who was out herself attending press conferences and such) would meet me to watch 'a bedtime story'.
Of course, for any normal human being of the female variety, the mall would signify hours of shopping, pampering treatments and more shopping.
But I, on the other hand am NOT a shopaholic, never was.
So what did I do to while away the time?
I ate. Yes, I told you I am a glutton.
I had a Hungarian sausage sandwich at Delifrance.
Next, I had my Chocolate Frost at Figaro.
A few minutes later I satisfied my cheesecake craving.
For an early dinner, I gobbled on a piping hot ramen at that little Japanese restaurant (I forgot the name) right beside Cheesecake, Inc.

Oh but I did buy a pair of shoes. The only non edible item on my credit card, yesterday. Anyone who knows how tiny my feet are would also understand my frustration in finding appropriate shoes in my size without going to the kids shoes department store. So it was a miracle I found these pair of shoes which fit me perfectly.


Now about the M. Night Shyamalan movie, let me just say don't judge a movie by its preview/trailer.
If you truly appreciate the abundantly ingenious talent of Manosh (as I fondly call the director), watch it.
If you don't believe in 'meaningful' fairy tales, don't watch it.
But if like me, your primary reason to see movies is to find some hidden meaning to life. As well as try to figure out how that implication can in some way or the other may or may not shape my life as an individual then by all means, watch "The Lady in the Water". You will definitely savor this film in the deep recesses of your psyche.
Now if you don't get what Manosh was trying to tell you through this bedtime story because you are a total dumbass then please be do me a favor and shoot yourself in the head, ok?
Yes I am referring to you, the jerk seated beside me who kept laughing whenever Paul Giamatti stuttered in the film. You just didn't get it, did you? You are the only person who ruined my really long day of stuffing myself, buying shoes and watching a bedtime story unfold.


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