Saturday, July 08, 2006

Tan-ta-ta-ta-taaaaan....tan-tan-tan....taaan-ta-ta-ta-taaaaan. TAN-TA-TAAAAN
After watching all the World Cup football matches till my eyes bled, I finally sneaked out to watch "Superman Returns", yesterday.
Superman is my favorite superhero.
He can fly.
He has X ray vision.
He saves every damsel in distress.
He rescues us from catastrophic calamities.
All that wearing a tight costume with a flowing cape to boot.
The film had good entertainment value.
It was a thrill to watch.
The familiar John Williams score.
The usual villain, Lex Luthor.
His alter ego, Clark Kent.
His unrequited love for Lois Lane.
The Daily Planet newspaper.
Everything you expect in a Superman film was duly accounted for in this movie.
Christopher ReeveBut.


I guess I'm such a nostalgic fool.

Christopher Reeve will ALWAYS be my Superman!

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