Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wickedly weird
I was tagged by snglguy to come up with 6 weird things about me.

1) I don't relish the idea of someone touching my feet. That's why I don't go for pedicures. I always cringe when the masseuse start to massage my feet.

2) My weird eating habits include picking out the raisins from raisin breads, pulling out the tomato and pickles from hamburgers, not eating the onions, bell pepper from ulam.

3) It is imperative for me that medicines need to be picked in their proper order. That is, from the top row and in consecutive order. Therefore when I see the way the meds were taken from this pile, it irritates me.


4) When I watch movies at the cinemas, I need an aisle seat. I also immediately stop eating popcorn once the film starts. I give the rest to my sister or if I'm watching alone I simply don't buy any popcorn. I have this tendency to think that hearing the popcorn crack in my ears would distract me from hearing the dialogue, well.

5) I like to reply to all my personal emails within an 8 hour time frame, once they are in my inbox. Then I get upset when I wait for days even months before they reply back. But in the past few years, I've mellowed a lot after I've learned to accept the fact that (a) people are busy (b) I am way down their priority list or (c) they are 6 feet under because I never hear from them again.

6) I guess this was harder than I thought. There are ALOT of other weird things about me which I am not ready to divulge, ever. I don't want to incriminate myself and tarnish my wholesome reputation, kuno. ;)

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