Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Switched on
I just got home from the INXS Switch Concert at the Araneta Coliseum.
Oh my GOD what an electrifying adrenaline pumping show!
Definitely worth every cent of the P2650 ticket.


From the time, INXS walked into the stage at 9:30 pm till 11:10 pm when they bowed out of the podium, it was one huge heart pumping, loud blaring, ear deafening rock performance.
JD Fortune was mesmerizing to watch. First gracing the stage in a black suit with a white long sleeved shirt and tight black jeans with "Suicide Blonde" as their first song, he was totally in perfect sync with the band. The original INXS members were all in top form. Their creative talent shining through and through. Those guys can definitely rock their pants off. Phew!
Midway during the concert, JD changed into a black t-shirt and started to gyrate and sway his hips seductively to the delight of the concert goers. The crowd were a good mixture of the 'older' generation (those in my age group and above who grew up listening to the original INXS) and the younger generation who were probably hooked to the reality show - Rockstar: INXS aired last year.

INXS performed most of their original hits like "Need you Tonight", "Original Sin", "Mystify Me", "Never Tear us Apart" and "New Sensation" to mention a few. As well as songs from their new album, SWITCH such as "Afterglow", "Pretty Vegas" and "Devil's Party". I lost count of the total number of songs they sang. I simply lost myself in the heart racing, deafening rock music of INXS. Even losing my voice by shouting my lungs out while singing along their entire repertoire and dancing the night away.

Oh the front act wasn't bad too. The Dawn performed about 5 songs then Mig Ayesa jammed with them. He was clad in an all black outfit (tight t-shirt and tight jeans). He entertained us with a few songs in his typical high pitched voice and his energetic performance. During the front act and also a few times during the concert itself, the sound wasn't technically at par. Some of the microphones were not working and Mig Ayesa even had to tell them to switch on his electric piano. A band's performance relies heavily on the technical sound equipments, the in ear monitor, the amplifiers, the speakers, the guitars must be all well plugged in - everything must be well coordinated and well tuned. This is something I learned from my sister who occasionally writes for an audio company. But it is something you won't notice unless you are familiar with the various technicalities behind every concert.

This concert was a total blast in every sense of the word. It is one of the best rock concerts I've attended in my concertgoing life. Believe me, I've had my ample share of concerts in my existence and the INXS: SWITCH concert tour will be an experience I will never forget.

Now excuse me while I head off to sleepland to dream of JD Fortune.


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