Tuesday, September 05, 2006

An ironic afternoon delight
Yesterday, I was bored beyond my wit's end not to mention the fact that I was melting in the stifling humidity so I decided to hop over to the mall.
After a few minutes of loitering at book stores, I said to myself 'hey instead of wasting time why not just go for your monthly hair treatment?'

So I went to check if my regular hairstylist was around. Fair enough, he was there so I had my protein hair treatment along with some dry hair repair thingie he recommended then I had it styled with some pointed layers in front to frame my fat face then it was straightened by a blow dryer for aesthetic purposes. So 2 and a half hours later (yes it took them that long!!!) there I was with shiny glossy hair the kind you only see in shampoo ads but with a huge splitting headache from not eating anything for snack.

The ironic part is after I showered this morning, my wavy curls are back on my head, I've tied my hair into a ponytail like I always do.
So my extravagantly frivolous pleasure was literally washed down the drain.

Oh well. =)

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