Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Music tag
I was tagged by Snglguy to list 7 songs that is currently blasting on my playlist.

Here goes:
1) "Be Yourself and 5 Other Cliches" by Supernova. The newest rock band composed of Jason Newsted, Gilbey Clark, Tommy Lee and their newest front man Lukas Rossi. Lukas was recently declared the winner in the reality TV show, Rockstar: Supernova. Lukas' version of this song is alot more edgier and has more angst to it than Toby Rand's Aussie pop interpretation.

2) "Les Yeux Ouverts" by Beautiful South. I posted about this song several days ago. Scroll down ... there ... see it?

3) "Afterglow" by INXS - I saw them perform live at the Araneta Coliseum, last month. It's my favorite from their latest album "Switch".

4) "Blind" by Lifehouse - this is my anthem/theme song for let's see about hmmm 2 and a half years now. Long story! Check out the lyrics, you will probably get what I mean.

5) "Cuando Me Enamoro" by Andrea Bocelli - my fav song from his "Amore" album.

6) "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane - this is included in the OST of the movie "Lake House". I have to say the only good thing about that film are the songs on its soundtrack.

7) "The Dolphins Cry" by Magni. He was my favorite among the Rockstar: Supernova rockers. I knew he won't win but I loved his versatility and his wide vocal range. It doesn't hurt either that he looks really hot. I totally dig his version of the Live song.

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