Friday, September 01, 2006

Something fishy
Last night after my sister and I emptied our wallets during our major shopping spree at the Ayala Malls, we decided to dine out before heading home. Well truth be told, she needed a completely new wardrobe so I was just the 'bag' lady as in the one who carried all the stuff she bought while she sneaked in and out of the fitting rooms. But hey I did buy myself one single item. A bright orange linen blouse because I'm currently obsessing over the color orange. This is evidenced by the numerous orange items (bags, underwear, clothes even socks I might never wear but bought anyway simply 'cause it looks pretty) I have hanging in my closet.

So anyways there we were standing outside the row of various restaurants at Greenbelt 3 and mentally crossing each one till we reached that little nook near the Cinemas. We ended up at Fish & Co. much to the chagrin of my sister who loves seafood yet strangely doesn't like fish, at all. I've always wanted to eat there. I ordered the Clam Chowder (which I simply love) together with my main course - Fish and Chips which is served in a hot pan. While sister dearest ordered was forced to have the New York Fish and Chips (it has Parmesan cheese mixed with the fish) but opted for the seafood rice instead of the fries. The fish was fresh and tasty. They serve a rather big portion of fish (well for me anyway since I don't really eat much during dinner). Nice ambiance too. Check out their cute website.

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