Sunday, October 01, 2006

Enough is enough!
After suffering 4 days and 3 nights of darkness, heat and mental strain, my sister and I have had enough. So here we are with parents in tow, nicely ensconced in the Linden Suites for 2 nights. We checked in today, Sunday at around 3:30 pm. Our parents aren't that young anymore and I wasn't sure they nor I could take another night sleeping in the dark with mosquitoes buzzing in our ears, sweating like pigs in our cramped little space.

Besides tomorrow is my sister dearest's birthday and I didn't want her to welcome her 3X year in such deplorable conditions. We still don't have electricity in our place but we do have constant supply of water. The elevators work every other hour, the place is pitch dark and our 12th floor unit feels like a sauna. Without TV, the Internet or even something like a hair dryer, it was really like living in the Dark Ages.

So yes I intend to fully enjoy myself, get enough sleep, soak in the aircon and more importantly I can check my emails, blog hop and just feel 'normal' yet again.

Anyways this post doesn't really seem coherent, I'm tired beyond comprehension.

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